About Us


Like salmon, we can grow and develop and head off to a new experience, but at some point we often want to return to our roots. Just like the salmon, who return to where they were spawned. It’s not easy, it’s upstream, there are obstacles, they have to persevere, and more importantly they have to take a number of leaps to get there.


Salmon have some assistence in the provision of salmon ladders. We exist to help people navigate and persevere and take a leap. A leap that does not damage them or the planet. Sustainability is very important to us. Some salmon don’t make it, the leap is too much, and they perish. We are there for people both living and dying, who feel a connection to Scotland, its values and its connetion with the land.


  • Time to reflect

  • Time in nature or the environment. E.g. organised walks.

  • Opportunities to make connections. E.g. communal cooking, community Ceilidh, meeting local people and businesses.

Celebrating life’s transitions is important and one of our biggest is when life is coming to a close. If you have roots in Scotland and/or feel connected here, we can offer comfort and support to end your life in a place of your choice.

Connections are very important to a good life, and we can help you find someone who will accompany you on that final transition. Much as a widwife would do for a birth.

We are not:

  • A hospice

  • A hospital

  • An alternative medical service

  • A care home

  • A euthanasia clinic