I’m Sho Konno, a freelance communications consultant, and in my spare time I (occasionally) make podcasts and blogs about how we make speeches, and how they make us.

Shiver Down Spine is a podcast about speaking in public, by the public. It’s not about the greatest speeches in history, famous orators and politicians, or public speaking tips, but about those moments when normal people get up to express themselves in front of others – and what happens to them and their audience because of it.
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About me: I work with small groups of activists to punch above their weight or larger organisations to help unlock the potential of staff (simultaneous storyboarding day for 100 staff across eight countries), supporters (hackathon for young volunteers), or those they support (Ebola survivors as spokespeople).

I’m looking for projects that go beyond “capacity building” to have a result at the end of the day and build over a longer period: providing PR experience (100+ media stories across four continents), framing expertise (from prison reform, to universal welfare, to overseas aid), visual content creation, and most of all: sympathetic problem-solving.

I remember what it’s like to know you *should* be ‘storytelling’, ‘reframing’, and ‘co-creating’, but just not having the time, budget, or buy-in. So please get in touch if you’d like to chat  – on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or email.
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