On this site I (sporadically) make podcasts and blogs – the rest of the time I am a communications advisor for activists. 

Here are some examples of my work and ways to be in touch.

You can sign up here to my occassional mailouts about things I’m learning from work, graphic design, and life after leaving the UK.


I led an advocacy strategy for a campaign to revolutionise learning in the 21st century. 
I created content (podcasts, interactive articles, etc) and organised lobbying which influenced policy at the UN, EU and in Silicon Valley.

I helped policy staff from an alliance of NGOs to use lego, improv, and cartoons to find more persuasive ways to talk about sexual rights in emergencies. Then I turned it into an online messaging kit for their colleagues.

I trained a group of sexual rights activists from Honduras to Nepal in using storytelling for advocacy.
We then co-created a guide where their voices narrated how they used the techniques for real in their campaigns.

I supported 19 young women from across southern Africa to tell their story as they created a regional strategy for women’s power with Oxfam. I provided comms coaching for four months and at workshops in Malawi & South Africa

I  facilitated British Council staff in Khartoum to identify audiences, come up with creative ideas, and publish a ‘Pocket Strategy’ to celebrate a new era for the Sudanese people (in under 12 hours).

I created interactive comms webinars for consumer rights groups from four continents. We created content on the spot, then created a theme for taking back their cultures of sharing from unsustainable mass consumerism.

I lived in Lebanon for four months: learning Arabic; writing speeches for the UNDP director on refugees and torture; and giving comms training to Lebanese activists campaigning for domestic workers’ rights.

I am training for a graphic design diploma in Amsterdam. In my first year I have learnt about illustration, layout, fonts, colour theory, photography, and use of Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator and Lightroom. 

I have delivered crisis communications training for multiple NGOs including the Mines Advisory Group. I have myself led crisis comms for situations from volunteer fatalities to government crack-downs on civil society.

I helped young activists prepare for events so they could avoid being used as photo ops: from the UN Sustainable Development Goals Summit to TV interviews. I have replicated this training for activists from 15 countries.

I set up and managed an NGO’s first comms team across eight countries. I led a change of strategy so communications were youth-led: volunteer-led ‘hackathons’ at Google; youth as spokespeople; and ‘Mobile Journalism’ from Delhi slums.

First as a PR consultant and then in-house, I have delivered 100+ mainstream media stories across four continents: from front-page exposés to primetime TV to a global launch with media coverage in Nepal, UK, USA, and Uganda.